Ethics, public responsibility, entrepreneurship and management

In October 2014 the research project "Ethics, public responsibility, entrepreneurship and management" was launched, with the aim of exploring the main issues related to the concept of ethics and responsibility in the world of companies, institutions, public administrations, the economy and society

The research was aimed at entrepreneurs, public and private managers, political administrators, policy makers, consultants, trainers, academics, management scholars, researchers, information and media operators. The goal is to make a contribution to knowledge, to disseminate and strengthen the ethical values ​​of management in the context of the principles of social responsibility and sustainability.

The two-year research project working group was coordinated by Elio Borgonovi, Scientific Director of Research, President of APAFORM and Professor at SDA Bocconi, and by Vito Volpe, president of ISMO, member of ASFOR.

A similar initiative was carried out by ASFOR in 1987 and helped to identify and highlight definitions, models and practices regarding ethics which aroused considerable interest and caused international uproar for their innovative impact on the world of organizations and management.