History of ASFOR accreditation

In 1989, ASFOR, among the first in Europe, started the process of evaluating the excellence of postgraduate training courses.

The ASFOR accreditation system was established in 1989 for the evaluation of post-graduate masters. In 2005 the Accreditation Process for eLearning Executive Masters was defined, followed by the Accreditation Process for Corporate Masters in 2008 and the ASFOR Master of Science Accreditation Process in Business & Management in 2012.

The Corporate Learning (CL) accreditation process, dedicated to companies, has been active since 2017 and the Professional Development Program accreditation process has also been active since 2019, aimed at management and professional development training programs. The Teacher Development Program is also included in this category.



The project for upgrading the Master programs in Business Management was launched within the management / company training courses, with the aim of stimulating a continuous process of qualitative improvement, self-discipline and greater transparency in the management training market



The upgrading process of the Master's programs in Business Management is constantly updated on the basis of the evolution of the management training offer



The first accreditations at the end of the experimentation phase



In 1993 the name was changed to the Accreditation Process in Master in General Management and the Accreditation Process for Specialized Masters was launched



In 1996 the two processes were merged into a single document called the Master Accreditation Process. In the same year ASFOR signed the EQUAL (European Quality Link) deed of incorporation, a network whose members include other European Associations similar to ASFOR which operate in the field of accreditation of management education programs and which actively participates in the drafting of the EQUIS project (European Quality Improvement System). A redesign phase of the ASFOR Master Accreditation Process begins



On the basis of recommendations developed at European level, the new Master Accreditation Process is approved with the introduction of three types of Masters: Type A. Master in General Management Type B. Specialized Master Type C. MBA Master in Business Administration



The Accreditation Process of the eLearning Executive Masters is launched



Corporate Master Accreditation Process is launched



The Accreditation Process for the Master of Science in Business & Management is launched



The new Master Accreditation Process, approved at the ASFOR Shareholders' Meeting on 13 June 2013 introduces a new type of accreditable Master Type D. Specialized Executive Master



Corporate Learning Organization (CLO) Accreditation Process is launched