The accreditation of the programs and the granting of the use of the ASFOR ACCREDITED brand are awarded at the end of a process of analysis and evaluation which involves the Board, the accreditation committee and the verification team composed of three reviewers appointed by the committee.

Gli organi coinvolti nel Processo di Accreditamento sono:


  • approves the policies, standards and procedures of the Master Accreditation Process, which are defined and proposed by the Accreditation Committee;
  • appoints the Accreditation Committee;
  • annually approves the list of the official "Register of Reviewers" at the proposal of the Accreditation Committee;
  • approves the accreditation proposals presented by the Accreditation Committee.

The Board also oversees the correct functioning of the Accreditation Process, ensuring compliance with the competences of the various bodies, the observance of ethical rules, as well as compliance with the confidentiality clause concerning the information available to the people involved in the various phases of the Accreditation Process while performing their roles.

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee is composed of the Secretary General, who is a member by right, and a minimum number of four members (one of whom is appointed President), chosen by the Board from among experts in the academic and management training world, with documented competence and experience in accreditation processes. The term of office is the same as that of the Board.

The Accreditation Committee meets at least three times a year or at the request of its President and operationally manages the various phases of the accreditation procedure:

  • verification of the formal requirements and eligibility of the program for the accreditation process;
  • appointment of the verification team consisting of 2 Educational Reviewers, chosen from the "Register of Educational Reviewers" approved by the Board, upon suggestions made by the President and 1 Administrative Reviewer;
  • analysis of the assessment reports of the verification and harmonization team;
  • formulation of the proposal for the Board;
  • continuous monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance with accreditation requirements and the code of ethics;
  • periodic review of policies, standards, transitional rules, procedures aimed at improving the process, updating the Register of Reviewers and formulating proposals for changes to the Board.

Accreditation Committee 2021-2023

Manuela Brusoni     Director of ASFOR, SDA Bocconi School of Management
Claudio Galli Expert in management training
Francesco Gatto Director of ASFOR, Fondazione CUOA
Roberta Gentile Vertiv
Lorenza Leita Expert in management training
Vincenzo Maggioni Director of ASFOR, STOA' Istituto di Studi per la Direzione e Gestione di Impresa
Davide Mambriani SMEA - Alta Scuola di Management ed Economia Agro-alimentare, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Mauro Meda ASFOR Secretary General
Elisabetta Salvati ASFOR Vice President, AFORISMA School of Management

Verification team

The verification team is made up of three reviewers, two of which are didactic and one administrative. The Didactic Reviewers are chosen by the Accreditation Committee from the official “Register of Didactic Reviewers”, in order to ensure the involvement of a member with adequate experience of the review process in his/her role as President. The Accreditation Committee, through the ASFOR secretariat, communicates the nomination proposal to the Reviewers and to the Institutions / Schools which have applied for accreditation, and asks both parties to report any conflicts of interest or incompatibility with the either the organization or the program to be examined. To this end, the members of the verification team must declare the absence of any conflict of interest.

The Administrative Reviewers are experts in the procedural, organizational and managerial aspects. They are usually recommended to the Accreditation Committee by consulting companies, in particular by auditors, with which the Association draws up specific collaboration agreements [1].

The Reviewers, working in close liaison with the appropriate Accreditation Committee, have the task of carrying out inspections and checks according to the appropriate rules and drawing up the evaluation report on the basis of the appropriate forms. The Reviewers must express a judgment of merit on all the qualitative aspects to the Accreditation Committee by means of a special parametric scale accompanied by specific and detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses identified.

ASFOR will periodically organize special seminars in order to standardize the methods and procedures to be followed in field inspections.

ASFOR organizzerà periodicamente appositi seminari al fine di uniformare le modalità e le procedure da seguire nelle verifiche sul campo.

 [1] PricewaterhouseCoopers is currently the main partner