Who we are

Established in 1971 as an Association for Corporate Management Training, ASFOR – (Associazione Italiana per la Formazione Manageriale) the Italian Association for Management Training aims to develop management culture in Italy and to qualify the Management Training offer by continuously adapting it to match the dynamics of demand.

The only one of its kind in Italy, ASFOR is an association of individuals with legal status operating in the field of management training, both as offer structures and as users of training services (Schools of Management, Training Institutions, Companies and Corporate University Academies in the private and public sectors), or who in some way support its development (see list of Members).

ASFOR aims to promote the development and dissemination of managerial and entrepreneurial culture in public and private companies and the development of people through training.

In particular, the association aims to:


Raise the awareness of economic and institutional professionals regarding the importance of management training for the development of the country.


Contribute to defining contents, models and tools of management training which is in line with the characteristics of the Italian economic and social system, in a globalized perspective and with reference to the standards of the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning EQF (European Qualification Framework).


Contribute to strengthening the quality and competitiveness of Italian management training, also through the accreditation of training institutions (Corporate and Schools of Management) and of specific types of training programs, such as various types of Masters.


Carry out research on strategic issues for the development of management training, also through the establishment of specific Observatories, able to promptly analyze and identify the evolution of the demand and supply of management training at national and global level, by examining the congruity between the Supply and Demand Systems.


Develop and support the capacity of the ASFOR Management Training Offer System to adapt in real time to training needs, to new content needs, methodologies and learning processes expressed by the various institutional and economic players (public, private and non-profit) and by people, encouraging the development of innovative experiences.


Promote opportunities for its members to meet and collaborate and offer them services which are useful for their businesses.


Promote the internationalization processes of its members through meaningful international debate with major foreign associations which develop the issues of management training, also by promoting the exchange of information and experiences with Schools of Management and other foreign institutions and organizations operating in the sector.


Define the general rules and essential levels of performance to identify and validate the non-formal and informal learning of managers in compliance with the minimum service standards of the national skills certification system.

All Members adhere to the principles set out in the "Code of Ethics for ASFOR Members".

In addition to the dense network of connections with institutions, organizations and players active in the world of management training in Italy, ASFOR can also count on a network of contacts with the main foreign training institutes, associations and universities and structured partnerships with international associations (go to International Partners).