EQUAL - European QUAlity Link is a network of networks and its mission is to act as a think tank and policy development organisation in Europe (primarily), for international business and management education, training, research and development for the benefit of member schools, students, end users and society at large. 

EQUAL was founded on European roots and therefore its perspective is based on the principles of subsidiarity and co-operation.
In the spirit of a network organisation operating in an area of great cultural diversity, EQUAL sees its key role as promoting continuous quality improvement through the exchange of information on best practice and the support of agencies in the field of quality assessment and education.

Full membership is open to national, regional and international associations, primarily in Europe, which meet the membership criteria set by EQUAL. These criteria are based on the demonstration of national or regional experience and legitimacy to include: 

  • Participation in their membership of top institutions and widespread credibility within their community
  • Evidence of continuous support for management development institutions in pursuit of their mission.

Full members 

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