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24th CEEMAN Annual Conference

Save the date for the 24th CEEMAN Annual Conference that will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, from 28-30 September. The host of 2016 CEEMAN Annual conference will be Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration (TSEBA).

This year's conference topic will be Management Education for a Digital World, and since Estonia has a strong information technology sector and has been mentioned as the most "wired" and advanced country in Europe in the terms of e-Government and successful start-ups, the conference participants will have the opportunity to experience it first-hand.

How advanced or lagging behind are educators in answering the trends and development needs of their "more digital" clients? How can business schools and companies work together better, including in the areas of entrepreneurship and big data? How "digital" are business schools themselves? These and other questions will be discussed at the 2016 main yearly gathering of CEEMAN. Besides presentations and highly interactive roundtables with speakers and participants, the conference will include visits to e-Estonia showroom and companies to better understand the issues, trends and development needs of high-tech startups and big companies dealing with technology.

Several side events will also take place, including a number of pre-conference sessions, exhibition opportunities for publishers and partners, individual Dean2Dean advisory meetings, CEEMAN’s IQA-International Quality Accreditation workshop, CEEMAN Annual Meeting, and CEEMAN Awards Ceremony.

Early bird registration deadline: 1 June 2016

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